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Emergency Auto Repair in Burlington MA - Call 781-270-6545:

What to do and what not to do.

  • What should I do if I break down?
  • What should I do if I have a warranty?
  • What should I do if a dash warning light comes on?
  • What should I do if I have a question?
  • What should I do if I cannot be without my car?
Remember, Do Not Panic! Always check the Owner's Manual as the first step. Good communication is the next step.

Call Stephen's Auto Repair at 781-270-6545 as soon as possible.

If you're a member of a auto club that provides free towing such as AAA, call 1-800-AAA-HELP and demand to be dropped off your vehicle at our shop regardless where the tow truck driver tries to take you. If you do not have AAA, call Muffay's Towing at 781-272-8855 and hvae them tow it to us and leave your keys in the key drop.

The ACDelco parts that we install come with a customer assurance warranty with free towing, see your invoice for details and call 1-800-AC-DELCO

All of our work is guaranteed against manufacturer's defects per the manufacturer's guidelines unless otherwise stated on your receipt. We save your vehicle history for quick access to all of you warranty Info. Most parts come with a 12 Month, 12,000 Mile warranty (whichever comes first).

Some parts have up to a Lifetime Warranty for as long as you own the vehicle. Please call Stephen's Auto Repair first at 781-270-6545 to avoid warranty trouble. If you choose to pay for a different repair proceedure, reimbursment may not be possible.

Do not ignore a dash warning light, it could be a serious mistake. The best thing to do is to pull over, shut the vehicle off, and read the Owner's Manual. If you are not sure what something means, be safe and tow the vehicle.

Special discounted Rental rates available, so call and we'll be happy to make rental arrangements for you so we can ask for the special "replacement vehicle rate pricing"!

OIL warning light could mean no oil pressure and major engine damage may occur. BRAKE warning light could be a leak in the fluid which could result in NO BRAKES! Some lights are to let you know a brake light is out, or washer fluid is low. Use common sense if you continue to drive, but do not ignore the warning signs.

The previous tips are only suggestions. See the Owner's Manual for Details.

Call Stephen's Auto Repair at 781-270-6545 for further information!

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